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What are the consequences of leaving the scene of an accident?

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If a person leaves an accident scene before police arrive what are the consequences? If no one was injured would the police still feel obligated to arrest someone?

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HIt and skip and/or hit and run both mean hitting and then escaping usually by an automobile driver who flees from the scene of an accident with another in which he / she is involved. Leaving the scene often refers to a driver leaving the scene after doing property damage like running his / her car into a tree or a light pole and then leaving to escape without reporting. These are often used interchangeable, even in legislative wordings and court opinions.

This is a serious offense. Conviction for leaving the scene of an accident in some states involves mandatory license suspension and can also include hefty fines. The penalties increase depending on the severity of personal injury, if any, or death, if any.

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Hit and run requires a mandatory license suspension in most cases, and VERY likely will result in arrest if anyone is suspected of this crime. NEVER admit anything to the police if questioned, anyone suspected of a crime should refuse to answer any questions unless and until you have a lawyer present.

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