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What are the consequences of a parole warrant in nc??

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My friend has a parole warrant and he currently in jail for 7 days until his parole hearing. His PO stated that he was in areas he wasn't supposed to be in. Whenever he went to far they never called him or warned him. They didn't even say how far he could go out of the house. He had a previous probation violation 2wks before and they didn't revoke his parole. Just wondering what is next for him.

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What he is facing depends on what he is on probation for currently. If he is on probation, then he has a suspended sentence. That sentence may be activated if a judge finds that he violated probation and his probation officer is seeking revocation (active time).

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I assume you're talking about probation, and not parole. Under the Justice Reinvestment Act, your friend can't be revoked on probation unless one of three things is true.

1) He absconded, 2) He was convicted of a new criminal conviction other than a class 3 misdemeanor or 3) This is his third violation.

If he's not revoked, the most the judge can do is give him a 90 day confinement in response to violation, and then have him placed back on probation. The judge can also do other things short of or in addition to the 90 day CRV such as modify the terms of probation.

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