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What are the consequences of a DUI convicted to a minor?

Evergreen, CO |

I am a 17 year old girl from Colorado. I have been on a very strict path to success since I was little; however, I was recently arrested and given a DUI for driving under the influence of THC. I really am not a screw up. All of my life has been put towards medical school, and I was wondering if someone could answer these four sub questions:
*What can I expect in the state of Colorado as far as a punishment?
*Is there anyway to get a charge taken off of my permanent record, specifically in Colorado?
*Will this negatively affect my chances of getting into medical school?
*How will this effect the student loans I am able to get?
Thank you in advance for your answers.

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1. Alcohol/drugs classes, public service, fines and a period of probation. Jail if you do not complete these.
2. Only if you are acquitted at trial.
3. It may affect your chances, but need not keep you out.
4. If you are convicted of paraphernalia or possession, it may disqualify you for some loans. DUI & DWAI are for drugs and/or alcohol, so the conviction itself does not indicate drug use.


Punishment: Though the statute provides for and allows for jail time to be imposed, typically sentencing for a first time offense includes at least 12 months of probation, 24-48 hours of community service, Level II alcohol classes and/or counseling depending on the sentencing recommendations provided to the DA and the Court, court costs and fines (though sometimes the Judge will suspend some if not most of these upon successful completion of probation). You can be required to participate in a treatment course if the Judge so orders, but typically such a sentence is imposed for a repeat offender with a clear problem. It is very important to understand that this should not be relied upon as a definite. What your sentence will be if you are found guilty through trial or a plea deal, will depend on the jurisdiction, the Judge, and the recommendations provided to the DA and the Judge. You can end up with no alcohol classes, or higher community service requirements, etc. But these are general sentence impositions for a first time offender. If you have any priors, you will likely be looking at a jail sentence along with probation upon release, etc.

Unless you are acquitted you should expect this to remain on your record.

As for it affecting your admission into medical school; that depends on the school and the short answer is that it could, or it could not. You may want to speak with an admission's counselor to inquire. As for student loans, I don't know that a DUI will affect your ability to receive student loans. You can always contact the major student loan providers to inquire and/or the schools to which you are applying as typically once admitted, your financial aid is handled through the school's financial aid department.

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