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What are the claim limits in the Justice Courts of Arizona

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I'm in a case regarding an engagement ring in AZ superior court - it has been appealed from mandatory arbitration and I just got off the phone with the judge and the other party in a telephonic pretrial conference - the judge seemed irritated and asked why it was not filed in justice court or small claims court - the response was given that the ring's value (~25,000 to 42,000) exceeded the requirements but the judge then asked why not Justice Court because surely it meets the $50k limitations. Afterwards, I read that Justice Court limitations are $10k. Can this occur in Arizona? Or am I now limited to receiving $10k? Also, am I bound by an agreement in a joint pretrial memorandum to have a bench trial?
I do not understand what really happened on the phone call. Please help.

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The current limit is $10,000. You can choose whether to file in Justice Court or Superior Court, but plaintiffs are discouraged from filing such minor cases in the Superior Court's calendar unless you plan to accept the arbitration ruling. The Superrior court calendars are packed with much larger cases. I am not surpried that the Judge is irritated that one party appealed the arbitration ruling. You are not limited to recieving $10,000. A Joint Pretrial Memo filed with the Superior Court Judge is binding, if filed with the arbitrator, you might be able to get out of it. But why irritate the Judge any more by clogging his calandar with a jury trial about an engagement ring? The trial will likely cost taxpayers more that the value of the ring.


You are correct that the limit in Justice court is 10K. There is concurrent jursidiction because the low end limit for superior court currently is 2.5K. The value of alleged damages you reference means that the case belongs in superior court.