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What are the circumstances of a signature bond? Can you get a $5,000 signature bond if you are being charged of a felony?

Green Bay, WI |

The person being charged is innocent, and is being charged with a party to the crime to battery because a few eye witnesses said he was involved. He has a clean record and has never been in jail before this situation has been his first time. Please let me know something!

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A signature bond allows a person to be out of jail and in the community while their case is pending. There are usually a number of conditions attached, varying from bond to bond (though "commit no new crimes" is pretty much universal). As far as the chances an individual has of getting a signature bond when charged with a felony . . . that depends heavily on the county. In some counties, the judges grant signature bonds relatively easily (provided a person has ties to the community and a short criminal record); in other counties, it is virtually impossible to get a signature bond for someone facing a felony.