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What are the charges for filing a false domestic violence police report in NYC?

Brooklyn, NY |

I filed a false police report against my boyfriend about 4 nights ago. All the report stated was that he grabbed my arm and threw my phone, which never happened. I just want to know what is the possible penalty for me with this false accusation?

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Be careful with the information that is posted on this site as it is not privileged information and can be used against you. You can be arrested and charged with filing a false police report. New York has three different statutes for filing false police reports, Penal Code Sections 240.50, 240.55, and 240.60. The penalty can be a misdemeanor or felony. You need to speak to an experienced attorney to discuss your options. I am a former Brooklyn prosecutor if you would like to contact me for a free consultation.

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Filing a false police report is serious, and the can penalties vary significantly depending on a number of factors. You should contact an attorney with criminal law experience. Good luck!

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I had a false domestic violence charge filed against me during a divorce case and it cost me roughly $10K to fight it in both civil and criminal court. I hope you do the right thing, but I would seek legal advice because you seem like you acted in a fit of passion. Remember, if he is convicted and has a job with the public, say a police officer or even a firefighter, you can ruin his career. Regardless, even after the case is filed and even dismissed, some people are going to assume he was guilty.