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What are the chances that this kid will be put away for a long time? Under age parent, child endangerment, mental instability.

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A co-worker, currently a minor, has a young child that lives with him. A few months ago, he assaulted his father with an axe, caused grievous wounds. Father chose not to press charges, and I think state dismissed the case since he was a minor. Lately, the co-worker has acquired a gun without permits. Has been obsessing with and was even answering door with them. Has been firing bullets into his own mattress to "get a feel" for them. He forgot to clear a chamber once, and a bullet went off while cleaning gun, hitting a box of ammunition and setting off several other bullets. Child was present, but records indicate child "lives" at another address. Mattress disposed of. Another coworker claims to have "smashed" guns. He will be dangerous if not held long term. How do I get this investigated?

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Call the local child protective services folks and tell them exactly what you said here. Answer all of their questions.

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Call the Sheriff office. Contact my office for free consultation 727-446-7659

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