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What are the chances of him getting deported.?

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my soon to be husband got arrested about 2 months ago. they pulled him over and seen that he didnt have papers. he was arrested, told he was going to be deported, but then released after 2 days. he was put under san bernardino county arrest with ankle bracelette. he didnt come to the united states illegally he has a visa but its expired. he has not been charged with any convictions or crimes. now he is scheduled to see an immigration judge. we are planning to get married because we are about to have a child in about 3 months.

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You need to hire an immigration attorney. I edited the practice area to include deportation and immigration. You seem to indicate that your husband is not facing any criminal charges, if this is not true, you should also hire a criminal attorney. Good luck.


You failed to mention your status in the U.S. Considering you are a U.S. citizen, after marriage you can file a relative petition. When it gets approved your husband will be able to file his application for adjustment of status. Please remember that removal proceedings are very complex and you would need an experienced immigration attorney to represent your husband during this process. Your soon to be husband has good chances of avoiding deportation if he doesn't have other criminal problems.


This is really an immigration question. Without any criminal convictions most of us criminal attorneys do not know the immigration system well enough to answer this and we need more facts. Consult with an immigration attorney to help strategize for him. Good luck.


I agree talk with an immigration attorney.


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The response given is general in nature and does not create an attorney / client relationship. The answer given may also not account for other facts unknown to the attorney. For a more detailed evaluation you should consult with a licensed immigration attorney.

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