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What are the chances of getting the AWA waived for attempted sexual assault on a minor?

Great Barrington, MA |

My husband was charged with attempted sexual assault on a minor. There was no evidence other than being accused by the parent, but he had a bad public defender and took a plea bargain out of fear because of the nature of the case. He finished his prison term (3 years) and parole with no problems. He is classed as not likely to reoffend as a sex offender. His risk assessment states he's of low risk. I was fully informed by his parole officer and therapist about all the details of his case and have a letter proving so. We sent in his risk assessment, all of the court documents explaining everything about his case, and the letter stating our marriage was approved by his parole officer and therapist.

What are the chances it'll get waived?

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It sounds like you have everything understood the only thing you are missing is a good local attny, please work with one who will review the facts and the documents making sure you are protected, it will be well worth it to you, take care.

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