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What are the chances of getting a 1 count of attempted voyeurism charge (gross misdemeanor in WA) dismissed before pre-trial?

Pullman, WA |

This is my first offense EVER in my life. My record has been squeeky clean before this. Originally I was facing a Felony charge of voyeurism if anything was found on my phone when forensically examined which I had nothing to worry because I know I didn't do anything voyeuristic but now I am facing only one count of attempted voyeurism because "I did" an act which was a substantial step towards the commission of that crime. I don't plan on pleading guilty because it would require me to register as a sex offender. This happened in college and the girl originally didn't want to make criminal charges but only did so because the school officials told her to.

I've already gone to my arraignment and requested a public defender. No Pleas have been made. Judge was kind enough to move my pre-trial to the afternoon for end of June since I do not live anywhere near the area. I was able to go freely after that to talk to the public defender but the public defender had to go out of town and had the secretary set up a phone interview 2 weeks from now. I need some answers please. 2 weeks to talk to a public defender is a long time.

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Normally you would not get a case dismissed prior to pretrial unless there is a really obvious problem for the prosecution. It is good that you have a squeaky clean record. Things may not be as bad as you think. I would have to know all the facts of the case to really assess what the likely outcome would be. This kind of charge may be hard to prove especially given that it is charged as "attempt." You need a attorney who is a great trial is that kind of case. If you need to go to trial you need experience on your side.


You need to discuss all your legal options with a good criminal attorney licensed in Washington in person as the charge is very serious and will have a lifetime effect on your life.

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If you have the means to hire an attorney than do it. If you don't then you must deal with the attorney that has been appointed to you. If your schedules are not meshing then talk to the supervisor, assigner of cases etc. and see if there is a different attorney that can be appointed to satisfy your time table. You may just have to be patient and deal with the attorney appointed. These are your options. Don't talk about your case on the internet and don't give details here!! Good Luck

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