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What are the chances of a domestic charge being dropped when domestic abuse didn't really happen?

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I'm a military wife. My husband and I got into an argument the day before his deployment; and, out of frustration, I threw a small picture frame blindly. It hit him and he called the MPs. I didn't intend to hit him. I gave my statement to the MPs but my husband left the house and they didn't question him. He conveniently forgot to tell them that he pushed me into the bathroom door while arguing. They found him later and he was considered a suspect too at that point because of my statement. He will probably get a slap on the wrist by his command; but, now, I have to go to court. I've never been in trouble with the law and this has never happened before in our marriage. What are the chances of this case being dropped? And will this effect me trying to get child care jobs?

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You need an attorney. By your own admission you have assaulted your husband and you could be found guilty of Domestic Violence. The picture frame is evidence. The fact that he pushed you is he sad/she said. I am assuming that he has now been deployed and cannot testify against you. If found guilty, this could affect what jobs you get for the rest of your life. Get an Attorney!!


Stop admitting guilt (i.e. "I threw a small picture frame..."), stop making statements to law enforcement and/or MPs and consider hiring an attorney. Many will take your case on a "pre-file" basis which should save you money in the short term in the event you are not formally charged. The attorney you hire can be a liason to the DA's office, law enforcement, and the courts.

Good Luck!

David P. Shapiro

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