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What are the chances fo getting my probation reinstated after a DUI conviction?

Philadelphia, PA |

I am currently on 11years reporting probation for the charge of risking a catastrophe. I have a pending DUI charge that I probably will not beat so I am looking at a direct probation violation. I do think that I have some mitigating factors, such as: I am currently in drug and alcohol treatment and I live in a recovery house, I am enrolled in college and achieved honors in fall of 2009. I also have people from the college who are willing to write letters and possibly show up in court for me to attest to my character. What are the chances of my judge reinstating my probation? I know that you cannot give me a definitive answer, I just want a experienced opinion from a legal professional. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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You have asked this question before and it was answered. Please ask only once. Thank you.