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What are the best reasons I could use to push back my DMV hearing?

Livermore, CA |

I need to write my hearing officer to request a later date. What reasoning can I use? I can't have my DMV hearing so far from my court date because if I get my license suspended then I can't get there. It's 3 hours away.

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Are you represented by an attorney? If so, I find that my trial schedule is very often accepted as good cause for a continuance of an administrative hearing with the DMV. If not, perhaps you have some pre-scheduled event, like a surgery, or far away vacation, which might count in a similar way. My best suggestion is to find an attorney to represent you at the DMV hearing at least and see what he or she can do for you. good luck.


I agree that an attorney would have a good chance of getting it rescheduled if you hire counsel . . . . And would likely do a thorough job at the hearing and give you a chance of winning.

Contributions on in no way create an attorney-client relationship nor are they intended to be relied upon as a course of action without having first consulted directly with an attorney, where the specific facts and circumstances of your case can be fully discussed.


The best reason is that you need time to hire an attorney. Go hire an attorney.

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