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What are tha laws re: moving after a DUI. From one State to Another?

Laconia, NH |
Attorney answers 3


If you are on probation from the NC DUI, then you may very likely need permission to move to another state while currently on probation. Are you currently on probation?

Also keep in mind that when moving from one state to another, if you want to get a driver's license in the new state, you may have problems if your right to drive is suspend from the prior state.

You should address your questions to a competent DUI attorney in the state your are leaving and the state you plan to move to.


Under federal regulations, a state should, before issuing a new resident a license, check the national database to determine if the applicant has any outstanding DUI issues from another state. If at the time of application you are not eligible to apply for a NC license, NH should decline to issue a license to you, provided that NC did its job in posting the DUI and NH does it job in checking the database.


You must be restored in NC prior to being able to be restored in NH.