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What are some of the rules and laws concerning use of deadly force by concealed pistol licenced civillians in the state of WA?

Olympia, WA |

Can I draw and shoot someone (s) threatining me with bodily harm in a public setting? Can I shoot a dog attacking me or my dog? Can I shot an intruder in my home or car?

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What it boils down to is whether a use of force in self defense is "reasonable" considering all the circumstances.
"The [defendanats] need not have been in actual danger of great bodily harm, but they were entitled to act on appearances; and if they believed in good faith and on reasonable grounds that they were in actual danger of great bodily harm, although it afterwards might develop that they were mistaken as to the extent of the danger, if they acted as reasonably and ordinarily cautious and prudent men would have done under the circumstances as they appeared to them, they were justified in defending themselves.
STATE v. McCULLUM, 98 Wn.2d 484, 656 P.2d 1064 (1983) (
You can read the jury instructions here:

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