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What are some of the penalties that come along with first time offenders of burglary and possession of stolen property?

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My brother and his friend were arrested for two counts of burglary and one of possession of stolen property. What is the maximum they could get, considering this is both of their first offenses? Other than this both of the boys have clean records. They're 18 and 21.

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Burglary I carries 7-20 years
Burglary II carries 2 to 7 years
The possession charge can vary.

The young adults, not boys, being first time offenders, are not generally prime candidates for incarceration. They may even be considered for deferred sentences (up to ten years) plus fines, plus court costs, plus victim impact panel and possibly other expenses as well.

Hire counsel for them, or they need to seek court appointed counsel if they are indigent.


Mr. Pate provides the punishment ranges. Both of them face the entire punishment range (up to the maximum.) There are many possible dispositions of the offenses which may or may not include some jail or prison time. their clean records will be beneficial in getting the prosecutor and/or judge to assess the proper punishment. Good Luck

P.S. They need lawyers to facilitate the best possible outcome.

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Burglary first- house and they're home, second house not home, third is a car/garage not attached to house shed etc.

This matters. First two are 85% crimes meaning get 5 years and you are sitting 4 and a half minimum. I bet your boys are facing in time especially if you don't bond them out, get em a job, and a damn good lawyer.

Take this seriously. It's a big deal.