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What are ramifications of lying on job application to pass background check?

Plano, TX |

If I lie about my previous addresses and where I went to highschool so that the background check is not conducted in a county that I have a misdemeanor (Tarrant). I have misdemeanor class A charge for shoplifting (2007), dismissed for deferred adjudication. 2009 class b shoplifting charged and convicted, spent 1 day in jail and fine. I have been unemployed, on welfare and indigent since 2009 because no one will hire me after the background check and am desperate. I recently got contract work delivering newspapers and have extra problem of getting hired because unskilled labor employment i am candidate for don't want someone who has a second job and limited availablity. What will happen to me if I get caught lying about addresses on job application

I tell these employers that I can be bonded at no cost to them to guarantee my honesty and they still wont hire me because of the background check.

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You can be terminated and highly unlikely to receive unemployment benefits.

With the amount of information online and available to the companies that do background checks it is very unlikely that you will avoid the discovery of that information by leaving it off your application anyway.





but is it a crime i can go to jail for?