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What are possible consequences for probation violation under OH criminal code

Warren, OH |

My fiancee was put on probation 7 years ago but he did nothave permant address in that state so they let him take the probation to where he lived in Florida. The probation officer said he would be okay. Well two weeks ago he got arrested cause Ohio put out a arrest warrant for him. All the warrant was for was a violation of probation for a misdomeanor. (recieving of stolen goods). How long could he face in Jail for the violation of this?

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A misdemeanor Receiving Stolen Property charge in Ohio carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $1000 fine. However, if they are simply revoking probation, then the maximum sentence the judge can impose would only be the same sentence that was originally imposed (and suspended). That should be a matter of court record.

Dan J. Weisenburger
Attorney at Law