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What are possible consequences for possession of unprescribed vicodin under CO criminal laws

Evergreen, CO |

I am a 16 year old who was arrested
due to a search of my car and found
was one-half of a vicodin. I do not have
a prescription for it. I was not pulled
over for a driving violation, I was stopped
at a dui checkpoint.
I was not under the influence and not
charged. What can I expect at my
first hearing at the juvenile assessment
hearing?Also, this is my first incident.

This incident happened in Colorado. It was not in plain site, it was inside of a container in the door pocket.

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Are you in Michigan.? if so, what county? Have you ever been charged in Juvenile court before? Was the car titled in your name, was it recently purchased, was the vicodin in plain sight? I have many questions that need answers before I can formulate an answer. Generally, here in Michigan at OWI checkpoints, they can search and confiscate items in "plain sight" or within reach of the driver,but cannot search (in trunk etc) without a warrant. So if you weren't drinking, had nothing in plain sight, you could defend on a warrtless search and attempt to exclude the evidence. If however, the facts negate that defense and the vicodin gets into evidence, there is a Consent Calendar available for first offenders. Under this, after a probationary period, your receord is expunged and everything is back as it was, provided you are not charged again on different matter. You need a lawyer.

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