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What are my visitation rights after involuntary parental termanation? Can i file a parent wrongful termination act against CPS

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i have a 33 month old child that has never been abandoned,physicly abused,emotionaly harmed, neglected or sexually abused. As found in KRS 625.090.yet termination of my parental rights have been filed on me by cps.i have complied with all recommendations for cps. they removed my son in october of 2008 on grounds of a suspicion of alcohol abuse thus i was required to take a drug and alcohol assessment and follow recommendations and return home would be optional. i had acase review in court approximately 3 months ago. cps ruled against return home because it would detrament my sons social and learning capabilities. Also they fear future placement removal from my care. since he is past 2 and a half years of age. what are my parental rights concerning this matter?

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Hopefully you have an attorney or appointed counsel of some sort representing you in this matter, if so, you need to work with them. If you have no attorney, you need to ask the court to appoint one or hire one. If your parental rights are terminated you can appeal. if your rights are terminated, that sometimes means the child could be placed for adoption. You need to discuss this with an attorney familiar with the law in your state.

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