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What are my rights when a home i rent has been sold under foreclosure and the new owner gives a 3 day notice?

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Is there a certain amount of money my family should get in a cash for keys situation?

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"Cash for keys" is a deal that the new owner might offer you to vacate the premises without a lawsuit. It is not a right.

If you're on a month-to-month tenancy, as long as you pay your rent, the new owner can't terminate your lease without giving you a prior 90-day notice.

I have to assume that the 3-day notice is for violation of a term in the lease including failure to pay rent. Otherwise, it is not valid to terminate your lease for reason stated above.


If you have a lease, the new owner must honor the lease unless s/he wants to move in as his/her residence. If the new owner wants to move in or if you are renting month-to-month, the new owner must give you at least 90 days written notice to move out.

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