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What are my rights when a coworker creates a document and forges my name to steal parts and or product from work?

Goshen, IN |

Today a coworker and friend of mine discovered a document at work claiming I givin a other coworker permission to remove and discard some OEM parts from units we work on for our customer. I can only assume this was done when I was temperary put in charge while our boss was on vacation. I assume from the documet that he took these parts home. While I was put in charge number of times, I was not the manager, nor whould I even have this type of authority to do so. This infurates me. I have no idea what he did or what other documents he may have came up with or forged my name too. Or what kind of damage was done or whome this may have been shown too. But if he was caught stealing parts, it could have cos me my job or our company potentially loosing the account and all of us our jobs. I have not brought this up to my boss yet. Who knows what damage he could have or has done to my name. I have not yet reported it to the police either.

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If you are aware of a co workers possibly criminal conduct you should immediately report it to the appropriate management person and they can make the determination whether to notify law enforcement who can investigate the issue and determine if a criminal law has been violated.

Your vindiction may come from the true facts being revealed.