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What are my rights under the fair debt collection practices act

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I am having financial difficulty and although I have made partial payments on bills I still have two companies that are harrassing me. Is it legal for someone to call you 3-4 times a day at 2 different numbers? Is it also legal for them to leave hang up calls? Is it legal for collection agencies to start calling your family and friends to in order to get a hold of you, as one collection agency told me it was. They also told them that I gave them their number to contact in order to get a hold of me, which is a lie as I never give that information to anyone. They said they are regulated by the federal government and have the authority to do this.

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Note that I am not licensed to practice in your state.

Collection Agencies are ruthless. Their job is to get their money in any way possible and that includes all the things you mentioned above. Go online and google 'Fair Debt Collection Practices Act". It is the federal law that regulates how collection agencies behave and what they can and cannot do. It's a long list that you might want to keep handy just incase they violate any of the provisions (which is common). If they do violate a provision of it, you write them a certified letter and tell them that they cannot contact you any further because of the Act.

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