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What are my rights if a debt collection agency is trying to collect on a debt twice?

Yakima, WA |

My wife and I got sent to a debt collection agency for a hospital bill that we didn't know that we had. We never got any notice from the debt collection agency, just immediately got served. We paid it immediately because we didn't want any further action filed against us.
Today, we got new papers stating that we only originally paid the amount that was originally due, and never paid their fees and whatever else was added (which we did), and they now want that money again along with more fees. My wife went in and showed them her payment, and they just dismissed what she said and said they were going to garnish my wages, so she immediately paid the new amount. What rights do we have to get this money back? We have now paid it twice plus additional fees. Do we have civil rights against them

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Instead of paying them you should have gone to see a consumer attorney for advice. While it may be possible to get the money back if you have paid twice, you will now be forced to hire a lawyer which will cost money. You should factor this expense into your decision on whether to pursue recovery or not. You don't have CIVIL rights in this instance, however you may be able to get some money returned if you can show you paid twice.

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