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What are my rights as a tenant if I feel like i am being harassed by my landlord?

Spokane, WA |

My girlfriend and I have had a number of incidents involving our landlord that seem to break down to just plain harassment. I have been accused of several things that I did not do and am now being told that if we are unhappy with our situation we can break the lease, but our landlord needs a time frame when we are going to do it. I have been documenting all the incidents and keeping records of time. But to me, his behavior is not professional and aggravated. I have also been cursed at by my landlord and my girlfriend and I are very uncomfortable and are beginning to feel threatened. I have done a little research but really have no idea which way to head. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Make certian you have a written agreement to break the lease and payment for the balance of the lease is waived.

Good Luck