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What are my rights as a mother?

Owosso, MI |

My ex currently has full custody of our child. Recently our child was diagnosed with ADHD, Attchment Disorder, Mimic Personality Disorder. He is only 5 years old. I have not met these doctor's who have diagnosed him or his therapist. I need to know how t get a second opinion on this? What are my rights?

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The key is the documents. You need to talk to an attorney after the attorney has read the documents
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Your rights will depend on what you mean by your statement that your ex has "full custody". Custody is divided into physical custody and legal custody. The court order may grant your ex sole physical custody, but you may have joint legal custody. In that situation, even though you may have limited rights to have your child with you, you would have the right to your child's medical records and to make decisions regarding the child's welfare.

If, however, your ex has sole legal and physical custody, you may have very little to no rights.

You should seek the advice of an attorney to help you understand what your custody situation is (based on any court orders).

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- Jim King