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What are my rights as a credit card holder? Are they required to give me statements?

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I have a credit card from victoria secret and I do not get my statements. I have been battling them for over a year about not getting statements. I was living in Korea last year and signed up for the statements to be emailed to me and never received them so I would forget to pay my bill, I would call, long distance multiple times asking them for my statements and never received them. I have paid hundreds in late fees and my credit has taken a toll, they have even lowed my credit card limit. Since coming home I have spoke to them about sending me paper statements instead since I never got an e-mail statement. I have yet to receive one of those too. I have spoke to them since and still no action has been taken to get me my statements to remind me to pay...What are my rights and what are they responsible for?

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Assuming your account is a consumer account (as opposed to a business account), the Fair Credit Billing Act, which is part of the Truth in Lending Act, does require them to send you periodic statements at the end of each billing cycle, if there is a balance of over $1. You might want to see a consumer lawyer about this situation. Most will provide a free consultation, and take good TILA cases on a contingency basis. If you don't see an attorney, I suggest filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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You could always have gone online to view your statements. If you had made purchases you should have known you had a balance. Clearly you are not having success with this company. Cancel you credit card. Pay off the balance. Consider shopping elsewhere for your unmentionables or use a VISA, MC or some other credit card rather than a store card.