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What are my rights and what rights does my baby's father have if we have never been married or lived together?

Tampa, FL |

My ex is not listed on my babys birth certificate and he has not been there for me or this baby and abandoned me when i was 2months pregnant and didnt bother to even call me but one time. I have seen him do cocaine and he does steroids and he has verbally abused me while i was pregnant and now that i threatened to take him to court he is trying to cover his butt and make it look like hes been there but really hasnt nor helped out any and ive had to go on medicaid, food stamps and wic, while he has partied and he has had the funds to help out!

I feel threatened by him and his family and am looking out for my child's safety and well being b/c him and his family didnt think i should have had the baby and he said he was not ready to be a father yet now he wants to establish paternity! Can his rights be terminated? Or if we go to court can he have supervised visitation?

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You should file a paternity action in the county where you reside. This will establish the man as the legal father of the child and obligate him to pay child support.

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