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What are my rights against an uninsured motorist?

Arlington Heights, IL |

A few days ago my vehicle was struck by a non licensed and uninsured motorist. The accident was not my fault, however I do not know what course of action I am legally able to take to make sure I lose the least amount of money in this deal. My car, from what I assume, will be considered a total loss.

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Report the accident and make a police report.
Report this to your insurance carrier if you had uninsured motorist coverage.

Presumably, you've already done both of those things.

Now, make sure if you were injured to take photos of the vehicles involved and any obvious injuries and get medical treatment.

Consult an attorney to guide you through this process. It's a lot more complex than you may realize. Theoretically, if the other driver was uninsured you should be able to recoup most of your damages and also gain some recovery for any injuries.

Again, contact a lawyer before doing anything furher.

Stephen L. Hoffman
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Chicago, IL

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Sorry to hear about your predicament.

Uninsured Drivers are a nuisance to us all.

The first thing you need to to is determine if you or anyone else in your vehicle was injured. If so have them seek medical treatment.

You then need to contact your insurance carrier and report the incident to them. Hopefully you have uninsured motorist coverage. If not the process gets more complicated.

Good Luck!

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Your car was insured so you will get the fair market value from your own insurance. If you were injured, hire an attorney to represent you on an uninsured motorist claim. Good luck.

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