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What are my responsibilities as a tenant regarding previous tenant's abandoned property (furniture)?

Philadelphia, PA |

My lease started on June 1st, and I moved into my place only recently. The previous tenant moved out when their lease expired and left a few items of furniture in the bedroom. A week ago (three months into my lease), the previous tenant e-mails me asking to pick up furniture that he left.

I threw out most of their stuff anyway after e-mailing them (and receiving no response for three months), so do I just tell this person "tough luck?" Finally, I was never notified by my landlord of any abandoned furniture or that they were storing it in my room or anything like that. I also doubt they contacted the landlord either

With that in mind...

How am I supposed to respond to this e-mail?
Is this my responsibility to deal with or my landlord?
Is this furniture (legally) mine or my landlord's?

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You should have turned it over to your landlord. Look at your lease. If nothing is there, check the abandonment laws in your state for defenses. Good luck.

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