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What are my options when my ex-fiance doesn't allow me to see my son or even communicate his health with me?

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I have a 11 month old son that I used to see regularly while his mother and I were working on things. Ever since she has moved on she has kept him from me as wells as refused to even communicate with me regarding his health/behavior or anything. She refuses to respond to me & ignores my calls to check on him.

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You will need to file a Petition to establish Paternity and Related Relief. For more infomation se my legal guide regarding this issue, here:


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Some parents tend to act like they own the child. The only way that you are going to overcome this is to do as the prior attorney suggested: Ask the Court to enter a parenting plan. There is really no other alternative where the other parent puts her needs and emotions over the child's right to have a father. Get a lawyer and act quickly. Your obligation to pay child support is accruing, while you are not allowed to see your child. The longer this goes, the worse off you and your child will be.

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She is the "Natural Guardian" of the child. Attached is the link to Florida Statute 744.301, take a look at the end of paragraph 1. Even if you have established paternity and you are on the birth certificate, you have no rights until yo go to court to establish those rights of time-sharing and parental responsibility. Do it now, don't wait. She can pick-up and move to Bayonne tomorrow without your consent. By taking her to court you force her into realizing that the child has two parents. On another note, Florida is finally moving to a point where time-sharing starts at 50/50 and then the parties must prove a reason for it not to be 50/50.

Good Luck!