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What are my options to get them out because of refusal to pay? Do I have to give a refund?

Pensacola, FL |

I have a written agreement for this couple to purchase a mobile home of mine in payments . At first it was suppose to be k every two weeks , but they had financial issues when they first moved in so it went to 600 a month and a final payment on 2 / 8 / 2013 . I have went out of my way to help them but they continue to have excuses . They have paid about k of what is due but refuses to finish the contract as our written agreement notes due to maintenance issues . However in the contract it states they are responsible for all repairs & that if payment is not paid in full that all payments made will be put towards rent / time spent on property ? They had the money to pay but spent it on new toys and now do not . I am not giving any more breaks . What can I do ?

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You should consult with an attorney that practices in real estate in your area. Typically, an agreement for deed, which it sounds like you have, must go through the same foreclosure process that a mortgage does in order to get the property back.

Every situation is different and no one should rely solely on information received from the internet. If you have any questions about your legal rights, you should consult with an attorney that practices in that area of law. Nothing in this message should be construed as creating any type of attorney-client relationship.