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What are my options to collect unpaid, overdue extra-ordinary expenses

Edmonds, WA |

My ex owes about $3,000 and is 4 months overdue. Our orders say payment is due within 30 days. I have sent a demand letter via email. Our orders were just modified (and do cover the expenses) in September, but he has indicated that he wants to modify them again. I feel if I file Contempt charges it may open the door for this. What are the different options to enable collection. DCS cannot collect. Can I obtain a garnishment and if so, how?

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First, did you send the request for reimbursement by certified, return receipt mail? If not, copy all the invoices and proofs of payment (cancelled checks, debit receipts and so forth) and send these to the ex with a cover letter, sent by certified, return receipt mail. Tell him in the cover letter that he has thirty days from the date of the letter to reimburse you as per the child support order. If he does not do this, file your motion for show cause re contempt. Ask for attorneys fees (hire an attorney), and interest (12% simple annual in WA). Don't let his threat of modification scare you. It is not likely the court is going to allow him to file another modification again so soon.

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