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What are my options to collect on outstanding invoices I've billed as an independent contractor in the state of New York?

New York, NY |

Last year I worked for my former employer as an independent contractor. Our agreement was that I would do the work detailed and then invoice the company who would then pay me for the invoices billed. I sent the company all of the invoices for work I agreed to do for them, but now almost a year later I have still not received payment. I've called my former company to demand prompt payment but they say that they are unable to pay me in full and can only afford to pay me in small weekly installments until the entire total of all invoices is paid off. They have not kept up with these weekly payments. What are my options to get paid in full promptly?

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The only option you have (other than waiting) is to bring a suit against them. You should explore whether you can bring a claim in commercial small claims (depends on the amount involved and the jurisdiction in which the defendant is located) which is generally more cost-effective than an action brought in the regular civil part.