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What are my options in Illinois Construction Zone Photo Enforcement Case?

Charleston, IL |

I live and work in Southwest Michigan. I was heading home on 9/28/12 from a business trip in Missouri, along with 2 other co-workers. Along the way, I was photographed by a Photo Enforcement Vehicle in Charleston, IL going 69mph in a 55mph construction zone. The ticket was initially sent to my manager but since the photo was of me, we had the ticket changed over to my name. I received the ticket in the mail on 1/17/13. My largest concern with this ticket is the fact that the offense occurred 4.5hrs away from my home and the ticket says I must appear in court. The photo of the vehicle shows no proof of a construction zone and I have no recollection of the area. Additionally, I have never been issued a speeding ticket. What are my options here? Can I fight it? Must I appear no matter what?

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These tickets have a way of surprising people, as you found out, because you don't even realize that you did anything wrong until you get the letter in the mail. Not only that, but your first one is $375!

You OR your attorney must appear in court. You can choose to fight the ticket, but you're likely to pay an attorney significantly more than if you just have him/her try and negotiate the ticket for you. The fact that you've never had a speeding ticket is certainly in your favor. I've seen several of these where the prosecutor has reduced the fine by a good amount because the client was represented.

There are many traffic attorneys on Avvo that offer free consultations. See if you can find a couple around the Charleston area and give them a call. It never hurts to ask a few questions and get a quote.

I wish you the best in resolving his matter.

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If you hire an attorney, they can resolve the matter on your behalf via affidavit.


In Coles County they allow an attorney to appear in your place even without an affidavit.