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What are my options if I have a warrant out for violating probation?

Plano, TX |

Was arrested in Jan 2013 in Tx for poss marij < 2oz. I was given 1 year probation period starting in April. I did not do anything. As in I did not participate in my probation conditions due to 1) having no money, 2) a social anxiety disorder which prevents completion of urine analysis. My probation officer was unwilling to provide an alternative method of substance abuse testing, and reported me for not complying. Today the sheriffs office showed up at my house with a warrant (but i was at work.) Im sure I only have a day or two before they either pick me up, or I go in myself to try and bail out so that I dont miss work. I have no idea how to deal with this or whats going to ensue after they arrest me. Please help. "Contact a criminal defense lawyer in Tx asap" is not a real answer

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Most of the time when you are arrested on a motion to revoke there is not a bond set. You will need an attorney to get a bond set. It appears that with your inability to complete probation, your best option might be to have an attorney negotiate for as little jail time as possible that way you can do your time and be done with it. You are correct in that you don't have long before they catch up with you, however, a lot of times attorneys are able to talk to your probation officer and/or sheriff's department and make arrangements for you to turn yourself in, possibly buying you a couple more days.


Contact a lawyer in Texas is the only real answer. You completed no conditions of your probation and refused to be drug tested.. You will probably not even get a bond unless you get a lawyer to get you a bond in advance.



The question I asked specifically says that I was unable to complete a Urine Analysis due to a social anxiety disorder. I was perfectly compliant with an alternative testing method that was refused me. I did not refuse to be tested, I simply cannot complete 1 method of testing. Big difference. I'm flagging you as a troll.


Mr. Tsourakis is correct. You will need to contact a lawyer unless you will be asking the court to appoint an attorney. You will not get a court appointed attorney until (1) you are in custody and are appointed one or (2) you have secured a bond, showed up for court, and requested one. If you are found to be in violation of conditions of your probation and adjudicated, you are subject to the full range of punishment for the POM (which is up to 180 days in jail and up to $2,000.00 fine). There are things that will factor into the equation when the decision is made whether (or not) you should be adjudicated. The best thing to do is hire a lawyer to assist you with this matter.

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Options are limited, either navigating eventual custody, bond and trial without a lawyer or retaining counsel without any delay.

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