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What are my options for a speeding ticket (first one)?

Dunn, NC |

I received my first speeding ticket today. The officer said I was going 46 in a 35. I'm not really sure what to do. I heard about a "Prayer of Judgement", but I'm not sure if I'm eligible or not. I'm 19 and my driving record was clean up until this point. Is there anything I can do to keep it that way?

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Contact a local traffic lawyer in your area. Most times a lawyer can help get your traffic ticket reduced to a lesser charge or infraction - possibly even dismissed depending on the circumstances. You will want to speak with a local traffic lawyer in your area about what options might be available, including whether a prayer for judgment continued is you best options - most time it is not.

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This is barely fast enough to get pulled over. A local attorney should be able to advocate for you effectively, keeping your insurance premiums right where they're at.


Yes, contact a local traffic lawyer and see what options are available to you for keeping this off your record. Hope that helps.


I'm guessing a local attorney can save you quite a bit of money with insurance and probably keep points off of your driver's license. Call a local attorney and hire him or her to represent you. Best of luck.