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What are my immigration benefits as a military member spouse?

Dallas, TX |

hello there,
My husband is a green card holder through SIV and he is going to join the US army , he applied an I-130 for me do I have any immigration benefits as a military member spouse , that makes my case faster ? how long it might take for me to reunite him?
thank you

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this is a re-post, please see my previous answer

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What kind of benefit is available to you as a spouse of military personnel, depends upon many factors such as (1) what is your status? (2) Are you in the US or outside the US? When your husband is joining? Generally, military personnel are eligible for expedited naturalization while in active duty. Please have your spouse contact the JAG office, they will provide all the support or hire a qualified immigration lawyer to assist you.



thank you for your answer I am out side of the US and my I-130 case status is (Initial Review) and not sure when is he going to join thanks again

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