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What are my expected total cost of a DUI if its my first offense?

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Costs vary widely from court to court. Consult with a local DUI attorney.


You are looking at fines and fees in the range of $1500- $3000. Some if these may be converted into community service if the court allows this . You also face alcohol school fees.


It is a hard question to answer. Court costs, fines and fees could easily be over $2000. However if you take all the coats into consideration over the next few years it could be well over $10-15,000. Best bet... Hire a DUI defense attorney because they can fight to protect your rights and your pocketbook.

Of course, every DUI case is different and you should consult an experienced DUI defense attorney in your area with questions regarding your specific case. It is always in your best interest to have a good DUI attorney represent you when you have been arrested for a DUI.


Here is the latest Standard Sentencing Guideline used by Judges in San Diego County.

IF you are convicted of DUI:

Summary Probation for 5 years if you violate no laws and :

high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) enhancement:
.15% to .19% 5 Days of trash duty
.20% to .24% 10 Days of trash duty
.25% and above 15 Days of trash duty

Standard Alcohol Conditions (SAC) (VC23600) (mandatory)

1. Not drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in blood;
2. Submit to any test at the request of a peace officer for detection of alcohol and drugs;
3. Violate no laws regarding driving a motor vehicles while under the influence or in the possession of alcohol or drugs;
4. Not drive without a valid license and proof of insurance.

First Conviction Program (mandatory)

Test refusal
6M if offense prior to 1/1/06
9M if offense on or after 1/1/06
Driving under the influence victim impact panel (MADD)

Refer to S.A.A.U. (mandatory)
VC 23593 advisal (mandatory)
“heightened consideration” to IID if BAC greater than .15%

IF we can reduce the charges against you then we can avoid some if not all of the above.

Please refer to my site for more specific information


I practice in San Diego County and the fine normally starts around $2,000, as well as other costs associated with participation in the First Conviction Program and increased insurance premiums. The DMV will also take immediate action separate from that of the courts, so you should consult with a defense attorney right away to ensure the best possible result.


Charges and costs can be reduced if you were to be allowed to plead guilty to a lesser offense, but that will assume your case has certain facts which will enable a lesser plea and do not warrant going to trial. The standard fine for a first time DUI in San Diego county is around $2,000. The 3 month First Conviction Program, assuming your BAC was .19 or lower is around $500. That does not include attorney's fees, insurance premium hikes, DMV license reissuance fees, etc.

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