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What are my chances winning the second appeal for unemployment? how long should this process take?

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I was denied unemployment because I quit my job. However I quit because of the hostile work environment and felt threatened because a supervisor stepped towards me as if she was going to physically put her hands on me. I went through my chain of command like I was suppose to but when i had my hearing the officer disqualified me for this reason. "the claimant did not discuss the incident with her direct supervisor or another member of management." then on down she says this. The claimant also notified her immediate supervisor that she was leaving and would not return" She also said that I didn't follow my chain of command and I told her the chain of command started with my nurse on the floor then the D.O.N that is over all nurses. I feel that the officer contradicited herself. I also

felt threatened and belittled in front of other employees and the residents at this nursing home. The conflict was within the chain of command. They had me so scared the day I quit I literally jumped and they were yelling at me. I sent all this when I appealed it for the board to review.

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You would have to see what the case law is on this issue. There is often some sort of process for reporting problems within your workplace that allows you to go outside the problem area, such as going to human resources. There may even be a policy for this. You need to have more information. If you did not present that information at the first hearing, you will not get a chance to at the second hearing. Unless the hearing officer was wrong on the law, your chances are not good.

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Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft


I recommend you contact an Alabama employment lawyer for an assessment of your case.