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What are my Chances of winning Asylum?

Newark, NJ |

I came here on f1 ... i'm currently out of status for some reason , i couldnt afford to pay for my tuition , Secondly my father was my sponsor ,he died due to some political Tragedy ,as first son and only son of my father , i am extremely afraid to go back home ....since i have been here i was contacted twice or more by my mom that she was attacked and threatened by my late dad political ground ..i really do not want to go back home..... what are my chances ? I have my father death certificate and some evidence to proof like my local news paper etc... I really need help , i hate to stay here illegal... i couldnt go to school and i couldnt work , and i cant go back home now ... i need help! or should i just marry my us citizen gf?

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I think you would definitely benefit from a one-on-one consultation with an immigration attorney with experience both in filing affirmative asylum cases and in defending clients in removal proceedings to evaluate your claim for asylum. It may very well be that you have a good asylum claim, but you will need to determine, if you have been in the US for more than a year, whether your filing outside of that timeline falls within one of the exceptions to that rule. Either way, you would benefit from an attorney's ability to craft an application that not only tells your story but also skillfully blends it with and supports it with current asylum law, judicial decisions, and up-to-date country reports and documentation.
You could also discuss with your attorney whether or not marrying your girlfriend is a good idea in the long term. I never advise clients to marry ONLY for an immigration benefit. Best of luck!

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It sounds like you probably have a good asylum claim. Just remember asylum must be claimed within a year of entering, with very few exceptions. If marrying your US citizen girlfriend is an option that would also work but really the choice there is yours. Either way you will need an attorney to work with you. For a free consultation, give me a call.
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