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What are my chances of winning alr after i refused a breath test and was arrested for dwi and resisting arrest in weatherford,tx

Weatherford, TX |

i have no prior arrests for ANYTHING. i was pulled over for speeding, initially but received NO TICKET. I am sure you have heard this from everyone but, I DID NOT HAVE A DROP TO DRINK THAT DAY. i requested a blood test but was basically laughed at in response. i am going to fight this charge and have no intention of pleading it down.

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Why would you refuse the breath test if you had zero to drink? Anyway, hire a lawyer. Because you refused the breath test, you need to make a request for an administrative license revocation hearing within 15 days of your arrest - especially if you are going to trial. It can be used to discover what the officer(s) might testify to and to nail them down on facts.

You need to hire a lawyer immediately and provide that lawyer with the names and contact information for all of the witnesses who saw you at any time that day.


I agree with the above answer, except that I understand why you wouldn't take a breath test. Your chances of winning increase if you hire a lawyer who understands from the beginning what your goals are. You must be clear, be sure to ask if he or she has won similar cases in the past. Good luck, and be sure that your lawyer requests the administrative license revocation hearing.


The above posts are correct- hire an attorney immediately, request the ALR hearing immediately and prepare to fight the case hard. If no breath test or blood test was done and if there is a video of the event that shows you clear headed and normal the state will have little evidence to use against you.

Many times these cases can be reduced to a lesser offense or just dismissed if the DA sees that the officer did a poor investigation.

Good luck, and do not delay hiring an attorney

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