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What are my chances of getting my probation reinstated without going to prison or rehab?I'm on felony Dwi probation.I failed ua

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in November for thc and alcohol and admitted it.Officer said I tested positive for alcohol in December which I hadn't drank anything.So I was unsuccessfully discharged from substance abuse counseling.I reported Tuesday,my officer said he filed to revoke me Monday.I go to AA meetings,do my community service,report, and I've just started a job.Now I'm gona go to jail and lose my job which was hard for me to get in first place.If I get a lawyer,can they help me get it reinstated or will it be a waste of money?Can they file a motion for a bond?So maybe I can get out and not lose my job.What are my chances of being reinstated?If I go to prison,I have 5yrs.TDC.I really need good advice on what might happen?I'm praying I can get it reinstated.Thanks very much!

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You are facing a VERY serious situation here. Find yourself the best criminal/DUI defense attorney you can no matter what the cost. While there is no guarantee that the attorney will get you reinstated to probation and avoid jail, a good lawyer will give you a much better chance at success.


I agree with Robert, you need to hire a strong lawyer that practices in the county your case is in. You need someone familiar with your judge and their likes/ dislikes as they relate to probation violations and what you might be able to do to get back in the good graces of the judge.

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It can be difficult to assess these situations, but you should consult with an attorney in your area to discuss this in more detail. Your chances of staying of getting probation reinstated go up with a good defense attorney.

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