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What are my chances of getting a full pardon for a felony.Its been ten years since my release.I have gotten my GED to ARMY.

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Ten years ago i was released from jail for a class b felony.Im a SGT in the US ARMY and i havent been in any trouble since.I did two combat tours in Iraq and plan on going to school,but with a felony i find it hard to get a job because of the conviction.what are my options.

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I do not know what a class b felony is because we do not describe them as such in Texas. Nor have you mentioned what the offense was, the sentence received, your role in the offense, whether anyone was hurt or killed, how much time you did, if you made first parole, if you had any problems in prison, why you did not get probation versus prison time, etc. etc. (You really cannot do all that here but the point is that there are MANY factors which come into play making a real evaluation of your situation impossible.)

In general, it is near impossible to obtain a pardon. However, I will provide you with the link to the form checklist from the parole board that is used to apply. Reading it may help you evaluate your chances:

Here is a press release from 2009 of pardons that Perry granted: And, here is the link to a list of documents that include pardons that Perry has granted over the years:

Good luck.

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I was 17 yrs old at the time of the crime.It was burglary of a building (shack).Nobody was hurt or killed i didnt even steal anything.I did one year in state jail with no problems in jail,i even got a job doing community service while in there.I have nothing but good since then.Five years today i enlisted into the Army,and it was hard to get in but did.I hate to think that i need to keep deploying to make ends meet.I just want people to see me as a veteran and not a "felon".



Its all very complicated to me.Federal laws say i cant be around firearms or even have one,so where does that put me at?.Overseas i held everything from a 9mm pistol to 50cal machine gun even explosives.My second tour i was a prison guard who watched over 250 hardcore muslim extremist,but i cant even get a job security at the mall.It may sound like im being selfish but i belive ive done more than the average felon to prove i need a clemency.


With the information provided by Ms. Henley and your follow up information you should make the effort to apply. While your crime should not have been committed, it sounds as though you did a harder sentence (based on the facts you relay) than you should have and have since served your country diligently. A pardon is not easy to get but your circumstances are better than many. I am not sure of the likelihood of receiving a pardon but you should make the effort.

Good luck to you and thank you for your service.

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