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What are my chances of being found not guilty at trial

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I was set up by a vindictive exwife for retalation she was charges earlier in the year 3rd offense domestic violence against me a felony in nevada. I was charged with robbery and domestic violenace an independent witness was 15 feet away that the police ignored he is coming to trial and going to say I had nothing in my hand I did not rob anybody and all I did was break her hold and use reasonable force to get away from her when she grabbed me from behind, also he is going to say is that as a walked away she tried to grab me behind a second time and I kept walking also what the witness did not see was before he saw her grab me from behind she kicked me and her boot print was on my pants leg when the police arrived they took pictures of her boot print on my pants leg but failed to mention it

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If the witness testifies the exact way you describe it happening and you can prove it was her bootprint on the BACK of your pants leg, you have a good chance of winning. Of course, trials are always risky and the judge or jury could like and believe her, and dislike and not believe you. In that case you may lose.

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No one can answer your question for you. Many factors go into a trial that help determine whether or not you will win. For one, there's going to be the jury selection. The jury is very important, if not the most important people in your trial as they are the one who are going to convict you or find you not guilty. Then there is your attorney, are they a good trial attorney, is there a good strategy, a theme, etc. So even though you lay down all your facts, no attorney can tell you how good of changes you may have. However, most attorneys will tell you that generally, the chances of an individual being found guilty is a lot greater than innocent but that too really depends on the case.