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What are my chances of a plea bargain from felony theft to a misdemeanor charge? First offense ever.

Helena, MT |

Im currently looking at a class 3 felony theft charge. This is my first offense ever and I can't do jail time or I will lose my apprenticeship. Im hoping to have my lawyer work out a deal and id gladly agree to a lesser, no jail time type of charge. What can I do to bettermy situation?

The item in questions value is $2000 new, but when I received it the item was worth around $200 due to the condition. I fixed it up and used it as my own and it came back stolen. I have no way of proving how I acquired it and therefore I have no real defense. Im just trying to make the best of this bad situation.

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Attorney answers 2


First, there is no way to answer your question without more information, such as the amount of the value stolen, the circumstances and lots more.

Since you already have an attorney, it would be unethical for us to give you a further answer.

Respectfully, speak to your attorney about the likelihood of a Misdemeanor plea.

Good luck.


I agree with the above statement. Keep in mind that laws vary from state to state.
I strongly recommend that you consult with an experienced lawyer IN YOUR COMMUNITY and have a confidential discussion about your circumstances and options for resolution.

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