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What are my best options for taking care of this ticket?

Spring Valley, CA |

I ran a red light and was stopped by an officer. I did not have my license or insurance on me because it was stolen that weekend. So i was written up on three accounts. 1) Failure to stop on a red light 2) No license 3) No proof of insurance. When i got my court date in the mail it had two different pays. My Bail which is $1500 and traffic school $550. And it says if i could show proof of license and insurance i just pay $25 each to write those citations off. This is my first offense and i don't know what i am suppose to do so i don't pay what I don't have to pay. I'm not working right now and don't have much money.

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Best thing to do is hire an attorney so they can show your license and proof of insurance to get those counts dismissed. Then set the other charge for trial. An attorney can speak with the officer before the hearing and see if you have a chance of winning or if you should plead guilty and take traffic school. I handle traffic tickets in san diego all the time.

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As you are in Spring Valley, you need to find out on the ticket which traffic court you are supposed to attend? You can go down there anytime and show proof of insurance and your license and get those charges dropped. As to the red light, if you ran the red light, then your best bet is to request traffic school and register and take the class and send in your paperwork and the ticket will be dropped. This is likely the way for you to go as the red light ticket will not show up on your driving record for auto insurance purposes and your insurance rates will not increase. You can do this all at the same time as your license and registration. If you have used traffic school in the last 18 months, you are not eligible and will have to either fight the ticket or try and work out a plea agreement? If you decide to fight the ticket, you should get a lawyer experienced in traffic court matters! Good Luck.

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Get an attorney and fight the ticket. The insurance and license charge will be reduced to $25 each. Your attorney could speak with officer about reducing it the offense to a non point moving violation. If officer does not show - case dismissed!


You can appear on or before your Court date, bring your valid driver's license and proof of insurance that was effective on the day that you were stopped. You can request traffic school for the red light ticket and request a date of completion in the future due to financial hardship but it will likely be no longer than 90 days. This option keeps points off your record, but will not reduce the amount of the fine you will have to pay. Your other option is to plead no contest, request a reduced fine or alternatively a payment plan. You will need to pay the $50.00 for the other two citations in order to have them dismissed.

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I agree with what has been said here. If you hire an attorney they can handle the first court hearing (your arraignment) on your behalf and that saves you a few hours of going to the court and waiting for your paperwork. The attorney can also appear at your trial date, submit proof of valid license and insurance to get those reduced to a $25 fee each, and contest the red light ticket. If the officer does not show up, the court dismisses the case. If he does, you either go to trial or enter a deal. To guarantee you receive traffic school you may have to plead guilty. The courtsey notice you received in the mail is confusing--the traffic school fee is not actually $550. That would be the total you would have to pay for the red light fine (approx $495)and the opportunity to attend traffic school (approx $55). The $1500 souonds like it would be the fine if you just paid the ticket off--do not do that, you can save most of that money by contesting the ticket and showing proof of valid insurance and your license. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.


Go to court with proof of the valid license and insurance, and fight the red light ticket.

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