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What are grandparents rights in FL when the custodial mother has taken the child out of state and our son gave up visitation?

Seattle, WA |

The divorce was settled in Florida with main custody given to the mother who moved to another state. She recently moved again with the child who now lives 1200 miles away from the father and grandparents.
Our son has given up his visits, which has kept us from seeing our 5 yr old grandson.
We would like to have visitation in his place. He pays child support but will not contact the mother. She has isolated the child from his family over the last 3 years.

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I practice in Washington State, not Florida, but I can tell you that the United States Supreme Court has ruled essentially that grandparents have no rights. Your only access to your grandchildren is through their parents. As a grandparent, myself, I can tell you this is very sad. You might try sending birthday cards or messages to the children. Mother has no obligation to give them to kids, however. When your son gave up custody he gave up his rights to give you time with the children. Good luck to you.

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