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What are good questions to ask a lawyer...

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im meeting with a lawyer to potentially have a representative for my custody and parenting time case what are good questions to ask?

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When you are interviewing an attorney first make sure you feel comfortable with him/her. The attorney client relationship is very personal and you must feel that you can talk openly and candidly while trusting your attorney to be open, honest and straight-forward with you.

If you feel like you can establish a rapport with the attorney then focus on his/her experience. Does the attorney focus on this aspect of the law? How many cases has the attorney had in this area and what were the results?

Ask how the attorney he views your case, how he/she would handle the case and how he/she would expect the case to proceed, and would be the anticipated outcome. What are the strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities? Will he/she try to settle? How does he/she feel about going to trial?

Ask about costs: hourly fees, charges for expenses, emails and telephone calls? How much should you budget for the action?

Ask about availability: how often can you expect progress reports? Does he/she mind telephone calls? Will he/she give you his cell-phone number?

This is not legal advice and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. You should speak to an attorney for further information.


A law practice is a service business, and the service is measured by how you are treated and how much information you are provided. More than anticipated attorney fees and expenses, you want to find out who you will principally work with, who will answer your calls and how they will treat you, how quickly your calls are returned, how responsive the attorney and the firm are to your questions as well as anticipating and providing information on things you don't know enough to ask.

In the course of any legal action, you will need to be comfortable sharing intimate details of your life you probably would be reluctant to tell family members. You have to feel comfortable with your attorney so that such communication is open, honest, and full. If you are reluctant to share information, it will impair your attorney's ability to serve your needs.

Most of the foregoing is not information you can ask about. It's about noting what happens when you contact the firm, and confirming that the people you will work with are willing and able to facilitate full and honest communication, addressing both good and bad issues promptly and frankly. You need to trust that your attorney is doing their best for you, will keep you in the loop as the case develops, make you a participant in the process, and keep you informed.

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