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What are fathers rights?

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What if a father who has been in and out of their childs life, wants to take you to court for custody, me the mother has not been in any trouble with the law he has many disorderly conducts and traffic tickets, also he is on probation and has given me a black eye before which i have picture and statements to prove, also he is 22 now and when he was 16 he molested a 5 year old girl, and her dad said he would give his testimony if we ever did go to court for custody. I know there are fathers rights but when he has done nothing but get into trouble and do awful things does he still have the right to some sort of custody. I hope not.

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Child custody arrangements are far less a matter of mother's or father's rights than they are a matter of CHILDREN'S rights. A child has the absolute right to grow up knowing and enjoying the comfort, support, and guidance of BOTH parents, subject of course to what protections may be appropriate to protect the health and safety of the child. Past behavior is only a small part of the many factors a judge must take into account, and efforts by one parent to prevent contact by the other are often disfavored and raises suspicious about the judgment of that parent. An effort to paint this father as a child molester after allowing contact could easily backfire. Moreover, children have their own acute sense of fairness and as they grow older can become resentful of the interfering parent. If these concepts seem foreign to you, counseling for you may be helpful. Also, the assistance of an experienced and particularly adept family law practitioner who can help coach you in these matters may help.

Best wishes for an outcome that serves the best interests of the child, and please remember to designate a best answer.

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